When the basilica Notre-Dame du Saint-Cordon was classified in the addition to the inventory of historical monuments, in the summer of 1996, its salvation seemed assured. Unfortunately, things are not so easy, although they are moing : the town hall of Valenciennes voted in Aprin 1999 the credits required for the final and crucial expertise on technical feasability. This expertise stands a good chance of being favourable ; then the great adventure of the Restauration can begin ! A lot of money will be necessary, and public credits will not suffice. May all who sympathise with this project start thinking of a contribution, however modest. Let all alert parents and friends, former inhabitants of Valenciennes, even living at the end of the world, who, if they have a little piece of their hearts in Valenciennes, could be happy to bring their generous contributions to this exalting enterprise.
damaged stained-glass windows

At present,
many stained-glass windows are damaged.

  restaured stained-glass windows

Thanks to the donations,
they can be made whole again.


On the left, this window symbolizes the present state of the basilica Notre-Dame-du-Saint-Cordon. Indeed, many walls and stained-glass windows need restauring. The stained-glass window on the right is not part of the original building, it was restaured in 1979. By making a donation, you can play a part in embellishing the inside of the basilica.

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