Silver Medal

Silver medal showing the apparition of our Lady of the Holy Cord, made circa 1897.

work by Jacqueline Le Guern

" Le Tour du Saint Cordon " (The Tour of the Holy Cord),
work by Jacqueline LE GUERN, 1983.

Postcard 1908

Postcard of the Procession, 9th centennial of
Notre-Dame du Saint-Cordon in Valenciennes, 1908.

covered of a book written by Félicien Machelart

" Le Saint-Cordon en 100 mots-clés " (The Holy Cord in 100 keywords) was written by Félicien MACHELART, professor emeritus of the University of Valenciennes and National President of the Association of Archivists of the Church of France. This work was realized jointly by the companies " As-Tu Vu " (141 rue du Quesnoy, Valenciennes) and " Les Imaginaires ". You can find this book in the bookshops of Valenciennes and in the presbytery of the basilica Notre-Dame-Du-Saint-Cordon, 20 rue du Grand Fossart.

The reliquary of the Roy&eacute;s, as seen by <B>N. SEEBACHER</B>

The reliquary of the Royés, as seen by N. SEEBACHER in the comic book

" Fénelon, Monsieur de Cambrai ", 1995, Le Téméraire publisher, La Sentinelle.

Image of the Roy&eacute;s

Image of the Royés (private collection)

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