Title : Our References for Images and Texts

To achieve this Internet site, we have used many document sources as well as photos and sketches.Here are the references of the works we drew from :

  • Inside documents of the basilica Notre Dame du Saint Cordon, by Father André MERVILLE, Chaplain. ,
  • Photos from the twentieth edition of Valentiana (dec. 1997), published by the Archives of the Town of Valenciennes.
  • Excerpt from the book " Les Madonnes de Valenciennes ", by Abbot CAPLIER, 1891, Giard publisher.
  • Photos from the book " Le Saint Cordon de Valenciennes en 100 mots clés ", by Mr Félicien MACHELART, Les Imaginaires publisher.
  • Photo from the book " Lieux et histoires secrètes du Nord ", p 157, by Philippe JESSU, La Porte Verte publisher.
  • Text by Canon GIRAUD.
  • Article from La Voix du Nord, 10 sep 1998, by Jacques TANCHE.

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